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Are you frustrated with all of the misinformation and pseudoscience that has become prevalent in the fitness industry?  Wish there was an easier way to separate fact from nonsense?


Fitness Scholar is here to help.  Fitness Scholar is a resource created by Zach Cooper that is designed to expose the many myths that have become commonplace in the field of fitness and take a hard look at the real evidence.


News articles are designed to inform readers of the latest studies and developments in the fitness world, while Featured Articles will examine the preponderance of evidence on a topic.


For those who have grown tired of hearing conflicting information or corporate-sponsored health recommendations and are simply looking for the unbiased, evidence-based facts, Fitness Scholar may be the answer that you have been seeking.

Featured Articles

Converse with any personal trainer or self-help guru and you will undoubtedly hear that willpower is an important factor in achieving success. Personal trainers are not alone in their beliefs; surveys have found that most Americans consider lack of willpower to be the number one cause of obesity (1). The reality is, however, that this [...]
Not a day goes by without some fad diet or exercise protocol appearing in your local newspaper, favorite magazine, or late-night television programming. Amazingly, regardless of how ridiculous this new gimmick may seem, it is only a matter of time before you encounter a friend, family member, or colleague that swears it has changed his [...]
For decades, mainstream nutritional dogma has preached the importance of following a low-fat diet.  Today, many consider it to be common sense that saturated fat is “artery-clogging” and will lead to cardiovascular disease if consumed in excess.  The theory is so prevalent that few who people who believe in it have ever bothered to investigate [...]


A new study has found that having a personal trainer coach people through workouts leads to dramatically superior gains.   In the study, half of the subjects were randomly assigned to the personal trainer group, while half of the subjects were assigned to the “self-directed group”.  Both groups were required to show up and exercise [...]
A new study has found that switching from traditional dairy to grass-fed dairy may improve your intestinal health and various metabolic factors.   In the study, mice were fed dairy every day for twelve weeks.  Half the mice received dairy from grass-fed cows, while half the mice received traditional dairy.  After twelve weeks, samples of [...]
Many people believe that being healthy and financially stable are two of the most important things necessary in order to have a happy, enjoyable life.  Unfortunately, those who are suffering from poor health are also at a greater likelihood to be unemployed.   A new study has found that there is a very high correlation [...]


About Zach Cooper

Zach Cooper is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has committed his life towards helping others improve their health.  When he isn’t baking waffles or practicing headspins, he spends his time reading fitness research and sharing it with the many intellectual readers who frequent this site.


Zach Cooper has worked with a diverse array of clients, ranging from complete beginners to professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, and Olympics.  He specializes in the psychology of weight loss and behavior modification.