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Are you frustrated with all of the misinformation and pseudoscience that has become prevalent in the fitness industry?  Wish there was an easier way to separate fact from nonsense?

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Converse with any personal trainer or self-help guru and you will undoubtedly hear that willpower is an important factor in achieving success. Personal trainers are not alone in their beliefs; surveys have found that most Americans consider lack of willpower to be the number one cause of obesity (1). The reality is, however, that this [...]
Not a day goes by without some fad diet or exercise protocol appearing in your local newspaper, favorite magazine, or late-night television programming. Amazingly, regardless of how ridiculous this new gimmick may seem, it is only a matter of time before you encounter a friend, family member, or colleague that swears it has changed his [...]
For those who strive to achieve academic excellence, many feel bound by an unspoken law that suggests success will come only to those who attend renowned schools. In fact, this belief has become so prevalent that few have bothered to question the validity of this assumption. The reality, however, is that long-term happiness, potential employment [...]


An interval type workout may be significantly more beneficial than a slower, steady-state type workout. In a new study, half of the subjects were instructed to perform low-intensity, steady-state cardio for 45 minutes three times per week for 12 weeks.  The other half of subjects performed 10 minutes of high-intensity interval training.  By the completion [...]
Positivity in the workplace is contagious and enhances everybody’s well-being. In a new study, a large number of employees at the Madrid office of Coca-Cola were regularly assessed for various forms of happiness and work satisfaction metrics.  Some of these employees were instructed to be extra positive and perform small acts of kindness towards their [...]
One of the single most important factors that influence mood, focus, and stress is one’s ability to breathe properly. In a new study, forty participants were divided between a “breathing intervention group” and a control group.  In the breathing intervention group, participants were trained to properly breathe using the diaphragm.  After 8 weeks of practice, [...]


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Zach Cooper is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has committed his life towards helping others improve their health.  Zach has worked with a diverse array of clients, ranging from complete beginners to professional athletes.  He specializes in the psychology of weight loss and lifestyle change.