Abductor Hallucis Plays Key Role in Balance

Individuals with stronger muscles in the arch of the foot display superior levels of balance and dynamic stability.

A new study used ultrasound to examine the size of the abductor hallucis muscle in 28 runners.  The abductor hallucis is one of the key muscles that helps stabilize the subtalar joint.  The study found that the larger the abductor hallucis, the better the balance and dynamic stability of the runners.


Exercises that strengthen the abductor hallucis, such as variations of Vladimir Janda’s “short foot” drill, may be highly beneficial for improving balance and preventing dysfunction.


Zhang, X., Schütte, K. H., & Vanwanseele, B. (2017). Foot muscle morphology is related to center of pressure sway and control mechanisms during single-leg standing. Gait & Posture.