Jun 212017
Poor Breathing Can Cause Neck Pain

One major contributor to neck pain may be poor breathing. A new study examined 44 patients with neck pain and 31 subjects without pain.  Those with neck pain had impaired breathing habits compared to those who did not.  Additionally, those with neck pain exhibited less range of motion and weaker strength of the neck flexors […]

Jun 212017
Weak Low Traps or Serratus Can Cause Shoulder Pain

Athletes with rotator cuff tendinopathy tend to display lower activation levels of the low trap and serratus anterior compared to the upper trap. A new study examined 43 volleyball players to determine if any muscle imbalances existed in those who exhibited rotator cuff tendinopathy in comparison to asymptomatic controls.  The researchers found that those who […]

Jun 042017
Abductor Hallucis Plays Key Role in Balance

Individuals with stronger muscles in the arch of the foot display superior levels of balance and dynamic stability. A new study used ultrasound to examine the size of the abductor hallucis muscle in 28 runners.  The abductor hallucis is one of the key muscles that helps stabilize the subtalar joint.  The study found that the […]

May 302017
Ankle Overpronation Increases Susceptibility to Shin Splints

Individuals who tend to shift their shoe pressure medially experience a greater likelihood of experiencing shin splints. A new study examined 79 runners to determine whether they tended to place more pressure medially or laterally during gait, and then checked for symptoms of shin splints after endurance training.  Those runners who placed more pressure medially […]

May 072017
Left Handed Individuals Have More Slender Faces

Left-handed people have faces that are shaped differently than their right-handed counterparts. According to a new study, individuals with a slender lower face are 25 percent more likely to be left handed. In these individuals, slender jaws cause the jaw to be lower, causing them to bite backwards. This leads to a more convex facial […]

Apr 112017
Orthotics Help Prevent Back Pain

Orthotics may help prevent back pain. A new study found that when subjects were given a custom-made orthotic, six weeks later their symptoms of back pain were significantly lower compared to subjects who were put on a wait list and received no treatment. Conclusions There are many conflicting opinions in regards to the proper use […]

Apr 072017
Lack of Ankle Strength Contributes to Arthritis of the Knee

Individuals who suffer from arthritis of the knee tend to exhibit inferior strength levels of the muscles that affect the ankle joint. A new study examined the ankle strength of 37 subjects with knee arthritis and 15 subjects without arthritis.  The plantarflexor strength of the arthritis group was significantly weaker compared to the controls. Conclusions […]

Mar 152017
Variation of Elastin Gene Influences Susceptibility to Injury

Which variation of the elastin gene you possess can increase or decrease your likelihood of suffering a ligament injury. A new study followed 60 professional football players for seven seasons and monitored the number of MCL injuries that occurred.  Different variations of the gene, particularly the ELN-AA and ELNA-AG polymorphisms, experienced significantly different likelihoods of […]

Feb 092017
Stronger Quads = Knee Arthritis?

A new study has found that subjects with stronger quadriceps muscle were actually more likely to develop arthritis in the knee compared to those with weaker quads. Researchers studied 40,121 men at the age of 18 in order to assess their quadricep strength.  Twenty-four years later, researchers followed up to determine which subjects were suffering […]