HOVR Desk Station Device Burns Calories While Sitting

While seated, our bodies burn significantly less calories compared to active activities such as walking or exercise. One way to minimize the negative effects of sitting may be to incorporate leg movements using a HOVR device.

In a new study from the University of Illinois-Chicago, 15 subjects had their metabolic rates assessed while standing, seated, and seated using a HOVR device. The HOVR device allows for leg movement while seated. The researchers found that while using the HOVR device, metabolic rate was 17.6% higher compared to normal sitting and even 7% higher compared to standing.


Many experts have suggested that the effects of excess sitting can be deleterious towards one’s health. This study suggests an interesting and novel idea for combating may of those negative effects.


Horswill, C. A., Scott, H. M., & Voorhees, D. M. (2017). Effect of a novel workstation device on promoting non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Work58(4), 447-454.