Kinesiotape Increases Glute Medius Activity

Kinesiotape could potentially be used to help recruit underactive muscles.

A new study recruited 40 athletes and had them perform jumping tests. Half the subjects received Kinesiotape while the other half were given a sham taping procedure. Glute medius strength was found to be significantly higher after receiving the Kinesiotape but not the sham tape. This strength increase was still present three days after application.

Furthermore, immediately after receiving the Kinesiotape, the athletes exhibited less knee valgus during the jump test. Three days later, however, the Kinesiotape group showed no differences in knee valgus.


Many people have debated whether or not Kinesiotape provides anything more than a placebo. This interesting study suggests that there may be some benefit of using taping procedures if used in the appropriate context.


Rajasekar, S., Kumar, A., Patel, J., Ramprasad, M., & Samuel, A. J. (2017). Does Kinesio taping correct exaggerated dynamic knee valgus? A randomized double blinded sham-controlled trial. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.