Positivity in the Workplace is Contagious

Positivity in the workplace is contagious and enhances everybody’s well-being.

In a new study, a large number of employees at the Madrid office of Coca-Cola were regularly assessed for various forms of happiness and work satisfaction metrics.  Some of these employees were instructed to be extra positive and perform small acts of kindness towards their coworkers.

Those subjects who acted in a more positive manner reported feeling a greater sense of autonomy during their job and enjoyed elevated levels of work satisfaction.  Amazingly, over time, other coworkers began to reciprocate these acts of kindness and the entire culture became more positive.


This amazing study illustrates how even a small number of positive individuals can act as a catalyst towards favorable improvements in work culture. Bringing a positive mindset makes people feel happy and leads to a better environment for all.


Chancellor, J., Margolis, S., Jacobs Bao, K., & Lyubomirsky, S. (2017). Everyday Prosociality in the Workplace: The Reinforcing Benefits of Giving, Getting, and Glimpsing.